Daniel Light

What I remember most about Ron are his poems. I met Ron through Margaret and my work at CCT. I worked on various projects for him and much of my own understanding of education was shaped by his thinking and provocative questioning of my unformed observations, but I remember most his poems. I also remember Ron and my colleague, Cricket, swapping stories about childhoods separated by 30 years in the same small Pennsylvania town. Perhaps it was that childhood in a small community that allowed this incredibly intelligent and erudite man to still be so humble and kind; able to put everyone at ease, from politicians and civic leaders to urban teenagers from Union City. There was also the strength and depth of Ron’s commitment to young people which I saw in his mentoring of some of the high school students I worked with in Union City. In a way, he never stopped teaching as he became a mentor and friend to these young people to give them advice and support throughout their college years and beyond. But, still it's the poems I remember. The first one arrived in a holiday card one year with a poem written by Ron; lovely and kind. The next year Cricket and I both anxiously waiting, wondering would there be another poem this year? And there was. That’s what I remember. The brave kind act of sharing his intimate creative spirit with the world. Would we all live with such brave kindness. I can only imagine how much he will be missed by Margaret, his family and all those he loved.